BEHL closed @ .0485 on Friday, We are expecting blockbuster news and BEHL could move up by 10X

BEHL closed @ .0485 on Friday, We are expecting blockbuster news and BEHL could move up by 10X

BEHL closed @ .0485 on Friday. We think that BEHL could be getting ready to move like a rocket.  This stock could move up 10X with the right kind of news.

The company is on news watch this week and we think members should be ready for a blockbuster.

The company released an update on September 25, 2009.  BEHL released big updates about construction of three photo bioreactor systems.

This is confirmation that BEHL is very real. Members should re-read the news.

BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc.: Shareholder Updates

2009-09-25 13:14 ET – News Release


BIOCENTRIC ENERGY HOLDINGS, INC. (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) ANNOUNCES: The company today provided its shareholders with the following updates:

Management has contracted to initially build three one-acre closed loop Photo bioreactor systems by the end of the year in the following locations:
1) Leona Valley, California
2) Death Valley Junction, Nevada
3) North Las Vegas, Nevada

Each facility will be producing different ALAGE strains targeted towards the production of Alternative Fuel sources, Nutraceutical and animal nutritional supplements. The company will be providing complete details as to the specific ALGAE strain to be produced at each facility along with the final product information for each facility in the upcoming shareholder updates.

Company COO Dennis Shen today returned to the Czech Republic to review the progress of the ALGAE analytical tests and to deliver a new advanced technology designed for increasing ALGAE growth for analysis by the company’s scientific research team.

San Juan Capistrano, CA: Phase two of the Algae Pro Photo bioreactor is scheduled for the first test run by next Tuesday and management will be releasing details and a video version of the progress next week.

Dennis Shen today announced The company has retained Orange County, California-based BECO, an established engineering and prototype manufacturing company to assist with the development and production of photo bioreactor enhancements to facilitate maximum efficiency and optimum performance.

The company has assembled an experienced Advisory Board for BioCentric energy consisting of:
Mr. Bob Kelly
Mr. Bill Sarpoulis
Mr. do penny stocks trade after hours Cliff Bream
Mr. Dennis Shen
Mr. Dennis Fisher

Dennis Fisher, BioCentric President, stated, “The collective wealth of knowledge possessed by this team will greatly assist management to take the company to next levels as defined in our mission.”

The Advisory Board Bios will be available in the very near future on the company’s website.

Monique Berry has joined BEHL as Director of Sales and Marketing. We at BEHL welcome her to our Team.

About BioCentric Energy Holdings.

BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. is dedicated to the development of new technologies as well as acquiring and fostering companies with innovative technologies designed to provide unique and effective green energy solutions for the 21st century. Along with the cultivation of important relationships and partnerships with synergistic entities, BioCentric Energy has devoted substantial time and effort in research and development in order to bring a range of innovative green alternatives to the marketplace.

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Dale Baeten
BioCentric Investor Relations:
Office: 920-273-7941

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