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EP Global Communications Inc (EPGL.PK)
About Us
EP Global Communications, Inc. is a biomedical gadget assembling and showcasing organization. The company is centered on creating and advertising restorative gadgets for both determination and treatment of constant torment. The Company is as of now attempting to imagine and create extra restorative gadget innovation items to acquaint with the MPDD, which is a torment administration gadget, including biomedical gadgets which use Bio-Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems innovation (Bio-MEMS).
The MPDD gadget is a created clinical and mechanical stage for diagnosing muscle torment. The MPDD has gotten FDA 510K freedom for promoting and assembling. The essential business for MPDD will be torment administration doctors and essential consideration doctors later growing to games pharmaceutical and physical advisors. MPDD will empower the doctors to understand the full estimation of symptomatic devices, for example, MRI, CT check, X-beam standard physical examination. MPDD consolidates two advancements. The primary is a symptomatic technique. The licensed variant of this system takes into consideration the determination of muscles in a dynamic, normal, state (instead of static). This component builds the exactness of the conclusion while the one of a kind technique gives seclusion of the torment generator, expanding precision. The MPDD gadget fuses innovation for trans-cutaneous-electroneural incitement, for animating muscle.

Recent news
Though the ticker during the first part of 2015 was hovering around $0.050 per share mark for about sometime but the value has been now rising slowly. This may be due to the company’s announcement last Thursday stating that in concern to its electronic contact lens technology the company has planned to initiate its discussions with Novartis AG (NYSE: NVS).
In another material improvement to shareholders, EPGL wired news on March 30th 2015 that it has opened transactions with Cooper Vision, Inc. at $1.1 billion for the restrictive Option to License their new ophthalmic advancements. As beforehand unveiled freely, Cooper Vision, Inc. also, EP Global Communications, Inc. have co-grew new contact lens innovations, which has prompted a few new patent filings. It is evaluated by some industry specialists that only one of these recently created innovations could add $5 billion yearly to contact lens deals around the world.
Officers and directors
Michael Hayes

Corey W. Hunter M.D.

Medical Director and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

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