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Arch Therapeutics Inc (ARTH.OB)

About Us
Arch Therapeutics, Inc. (Arch), in the past Almah, Inc occupied with creating polymers containing peptides proposed to shape gel-like obstructions over injuries to stop or control draining and seal wounds. The Company is a restorative gadget organization offering an exquisite and better approach than the quick discontinuance of dying (hemostasis) and control of liquid spillage (sealant) amid surgery and injury care. The Company items that incorporate the AC5 is utilized for control over surgical dying. AC5 is an engineered peptide comprising actually happening amino acids. Confirmation to-date bolsters that it is biocompatible. AC5 is connected specifically onto a surgical or traumatic injury, where it quickly makes a physical boundary in the alcoves and crevices of the tissue and instantly quits draining and liquid holes.
AC5 is a manufactured peptide comprising actually happening amino acids. Proof to-date underpins that it is biocompatible. At the point when squirted or showered onto an injury, AC5 speedily intercalates into the niches and crevices of the connective tissue where it incorporates itself with a physical, mechanical structure. That structure gives a boundary to releasing substances, including blood and other natural liquids, paying little respect to kind of surgery or, in view of right on time information, thickening capacity. Recuperating happens typically.
Recent news
Curve Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB: ARTH) (Arch or the Organization), on June 9th, 2015 announced that the company who the engineer of the AC5 Surgical Hemostatic Device™ (AC5™), got information from a preclinical danger test for AC5™ that demonstrate the gadget was all around endured and named not poisonous in a state sanctioned test of systemic harmfulness. The systemic poisonous quality creature test is a noteworthy part of the biocompatibility test board that a medicinal gadget should ordinarily finish effectively preceding use in the humans.
The company on july, 1st 2015 made another announcement that it is happy to declare that it brought $3,066,000 up in value financing in a private arrangement to 19 licensed speculators (the Speculators) on June 30, 2015 (the Starting Closing), and envisions raising up to an extra $100,000 before finishing up the private position (the 2015 Private Placement Financing). At the Initial Closing, the Company sold and the Investors obtained 13,936,367 Units at a price tag of $0.22 per Unit. Every Unit comprised of an offer of the Companys normal stock, standard quality $0.001 per offer (Common Stock), and a Series D Warrant to buy an offer of Common Stock at an activity cost of $0.25 per offer whenever before the fifth commemoration of the issuance date of the Series D Warrant.
Officers and directors
Avtar S. Dhillon M.D.

Chairman of the Board
Terrence W. Norchi M.D.

President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Richard E. Davis

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Coates International Ltd (COTE.PK)
About Us
Coates International, Ltd. (CIL) is precision engineering organization. The Company creates advancements that develop the standard ignition motor. The Companys coates circular revolving valve (CSRV) framework innovation is versatile for utilization in cylinder driven inward ignition motors of numerous sorts. The CSRV framework innovation is intended to supplant the admission and fumes traditional poppet valves utilized as a part of all cylinder driven, car, truck, cruiser, marine and electric force generator motors, among others. The Company has built up two regular gas fueled CSRV frameworks, the C86GE motor and the C86GG generator, principally with the end goal of on location, mechanical evaluation power era. The C86GE motor is a segment of the C86GG power generator. The C86GG is a completely coordinated normal gas power generator for on location electrical force era.
Recent news
On July 21st, 2015 Stephen Hicks, Chairman and CEO of Southridge Capital, reported that Southridge Partners II LP (Southridge), an institutional speculator, went into a value buy concurrence with COATES (OTC Pink: COTE), an accuracy designing organization situated in New Jersey. The amount obtained from this value purchase understanding will be utilized to reserve fabricating operations which are as of now in progress on a restricted scale and for general working capital purposes. In a press discharge put out by the COATES, George J. Coates, President and CEO, expressed, The stores will be gotten to at our sole alternative, which should be in view of timing controlled by our administration, with the goal of accomplishing our strategy for success.
The administration of the Company is respected to have Mr. Jack Perkowski join our governing body and serve as the new Chairperson of our Audit Committee, as cited in the company’s press release on February 17, 2015.
Officers and directors
George J. Coates

Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer
Barry C. Kaye

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Director
Gregory G. Coates

Director, Secretary and President, Technology Division

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