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If you happened to see many a “Bull” among the small and micro cap stock traders this week at the OTC market, you must have surely recognized iHookup(OTC:HKUP) by now. The stock price yield of 150% observed on 17th of June (is it July? /correction) could have been due to recent company updates; or a couple of investor awareness campaigns carried out by the company. Here we present a few things to see, which could reveal the pertinent factors visibly to you about the company and its remarkable Bullish run.
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With a rapidly growing volume of 10.3 million and 30-d Average of 7.8 million, iHookup seems to have created an impression of overbought penny stocks. The growth from its 52-Week low of 0.0007 to touch $5 on June 19th makes it 1200%.

Probability number 1:-

One possible reason could be the increase in its Mobile-App downloads. On 17th June, iHookup put up a press release.

Excerpts from Press Release
Team iHookup (OTC: HKUP), with its young entrepreneurs and developers is pleased to announce that it is well equipped to enter the next phase of business growth. Company sources said that its consistent bullish run in stock market and reducing numbers of debt-holders helps focus on future. The company is concentrating on its release of “friendable brand to the Apple App Store in July of 2015.
Robert Rositano Jr., CEO, iHookup Social thanked all the funding-partners for helping to create a launch-pad in the US markets through its downloadable Apps.

Probability number 2:-

This could be the constant flood of emails, which have virtually inundated our mailbox about the stock from paid investor awareness programs. Currently HKUP has a buying rate of 40% in the market.
Brief Company Profile
Company iHookup designs, develops and delivers mobile apps for connecting people across various walks of social, corporate and business worlds. Its customers have immensely benefited with the apps’ “timing and proximity optimization” features. They gratify users’ aspiration to find “like-minded” and “likable” friends within their “mobility” regions and their preferred timings. This is perhaps the best “edge” given by its apps to its customers, stakeholders as well as its own “growth and expansion”.
We would like to sum up the whole set of stock market and consumer equations with something like; iHookup seems to be “in line” with evolving aspects socializing and dating aspirations of every generation today. This could become a future synonym for customers’ lifestyle and investors’ money plant, depending on the consumer’s buying trends.

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