Penny Stocks To Watch: Stock Updates And Tips For March 17

If you are one of those people who are just starting in making investments particularly penny stocks investments, then you must always remember that you do not treat these penny stocks in the same way you treat those other types of investments. This is because of the fact that the strategies that you have used in order for your other investments to succeed may not be applicable in penny stock investing. As compared with an ordinary stock traded in the stock market, these penny stocks are more volatile and need closer monitoring because it is more fast-moving, which most of the time takes only a matter of hours instead of days.

In addition to this, investing in penny stocks can also be an effective learning experience as well especially for those beginners out there. As a beginner in the field of investing especially if you are investing in penny stocks, it is important to read some penny stock tips that you could get from the internet or it is much better if you could ask some of the people you know that are also into penny stock investing. If you are a beginner in penny stock investing, then, one of the first things that you must do is prepare a list of penny stocks that you could consider buying.

In addition to this, you can also check the business page of some newspapers as well as some websites that features what penny stocks to watch out for in the stock market nowadays. Here are two of the companies that you can consider:

  • Envision Solar International Inc. – is a company that deals with deploying clean energy systems worldwide. It is known for its innovative systems that include the Solar Tree, Solar Row, LifePort, LifePod, LifeVillage and a lot more. This company has a profiled price of $0.74 (March 11).
  • Crossroads Systems Inc. – is a company that is considered a world leader when it comes to storage routing and virtualization. It has managed to install around 125,000 systems proprietary data routing technology and storage management solutions in most of the Fortune 2000 companies. The company has a profiled price of $0.98 (March 11).

Just like any investor, you must always be updated on what is the latest trend in the market, so always make sure to check the internet regularly in order to be aware of what kind of penny stocks to buy now that you have already decided to get into penny stock investing. In addition to this, it is also important to get all the information necessary before finally investing your money in order to make sure that that you reduce the risk of losing your money and maximize the benefits that you could gain from investing in these penny stocks.


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