List of Best Penny Stocks to Watch & Buy Now! | Tips and Guide

If you are new in the world of investing, you may have already come across the phrase penny stocks at one point or another. Some may have negative connotation about penny stocks since it seems to be a risky investment to make.

But the truth is, millions of penny stocks are being traded every day in the United States and these penny stocks could bring you significant amount of profits given the right decision. That is why it is very important that you have an idea of what exactly you are getting yourself into and that you have enough knowledge before you go ahead and make the investment.

If you are already sure that investing in a penny stock is what you want to do, then your next step is to choose which penny stocks to buy now. Let us check some of the best penny stocks to watch out for in the market today.

  • iGo Inc. – This is a company that belongs to the computer and peripheral industry. It usually sells its products through retailers such as RadioShack and wireless carriers such as AT&T. It has a total market cap of around $ 57.3 million and its stock has managed to climb an additional 42.3 % since January. iGo has also exceeded what some analysts’ has estimated for the past two years by around 175% which only proves that it is really growing.
  • Harris Interactive Inc. – This company is in the media industry and has around $ 54.9 million total market cap. It provides clients with market research and polling services. Basically, these services include customized qualitative and quantitative research, service bureau research, and long-term tracking studies as well. Harris Interactive penny stocks may be down by -15.1% year-to-date, but it is up by around +135% from this date last year.
  • Alliance Fiber Optic Products– is a company that is in the manufacturing and marketing of communications equipment industry. It has a total of $ 78.3 million total market cap. Basically, it offers numerous interconnect devices that include couplers and splitters used to combine optical power. This penny stock is up by around +52.5 %. In addition to that, it has also beaten earnings estimates by around 100% for two straight quarters.
  • ICO Global Communications – is a company that belongs to the communication service industry and has around $ 496.4 million total market cap. Basically, ICO Global Communications is a development stage mobile service operator. This penny stock has made great waves in 2010 and has made around 84.3% increase since January.
  • Sirius XM Radio Inc. – this company belongs to the media industry. It deals with the broadcasting of music, sports update, news, talk and weather channels in the US through its satellite radio system. It owns both XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and Satellite CD Radio Inc. and has a total market cap of $ 4 billion. This penny stock has managed to gain around 72.1% since January of this year.

Basically, these are only some of the companies that you may consider to invest in. Each of these companies seems to be very promising as far as growth is concern and proves to be great investments at present. There are other penny stocks to watch out for in the market today, but always remember that you must be very careful which penny stocks to buy now knowing that these penny stocks investments is quite risky. Always bear in mind that a stock investment should only be made after a proper amount of research has been done. Always invest wisely.


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